About Jan Crooker

I am one of those lucky people who discovered my passion art at an early age. I was the kid who always drew and made things. Growing up in Toledo Ohio, I was one of many students who spent part of Saturdays in the Toledo Art Museum. For me, these classes were more painting or drawing, widened my goals and worldview. I remember looking at Thomas Cole’s “An Architect’s Dream” and wanting to see the places depicted. While many kids had favorite football and baseball heroes, mine were Charles Birchfield, Van Gogh, and Edward Hopper. Artists still inspire me.

Color has always been focus of my artistic expression. I think my love of color harkens back to my early exposure to art. I want my work to show the joy of color and light that I discovered as a child. When I paint, I immerse myself in my work and just enjoy the process. Since color is so important to me, I paint outside only when the color is most intense I work in studio. Color also influences my subject matter. I have been working on painting objects from my childhood, but only if they are fun and colorful. When I paint outside, I pick early morning or late afternoon as that is when the color is the most intense. Some people have said that they wish the world looked the way I depict it. I say that color moments are fleeting but accurate.